Prometheus Kink Meme

"The trick is not minding that it hurts."

Discussion Post
At anon's suggestion -- a place to discuss (logged-in or anon, whatever floats your boat). Talk about the specifics of the universe, character motivations, sequel plans, etc. This is also the place to ask and answer questions about the canon or technical questions if you need them for a fic. (I also recommend little_details for worldbuilding and practical questions that might have real-world answers; you can ask questions there anonymously as well.)

- Be civil and be helpful. If discussing wank, try to avoid starting it all over again in here.
- Still no embeds! In addition please warn if a site you're linking to has NSFW images or rapidly flashing/blinking graphics.
- The same rules apply regarding kink-shaming and character-bashing as in the main post: don't do it, everybody! "Why didn't so-and-so do [x]?" is different from "why is so-and-so such a fugly slut?"

Prompts go over here and the Page-A-Mod post is here.

ETA, 12/21/13: This post is getting hit with weird spammers, so the comments section is closed until further notice!

Part One
(Closing at 5000 comments.)

Let's get this party started!


Here there will be spoilers!

Use descriptive subject lines for prompts. (Ex. "Chance/Ravel, one last night planetside, dubcon", "Gen: David teaches Shaw the intricacies of basketbike", "[Crossover: Red Dwarf] Kryten and David talk Silicon Heaven") Fills involving other characters from the Alien films are welcome, but please note it in the subject line (ex., "[Alien:] Ripley/Lambert/Dallas, impromptu pegging.")

Please warn in the subject line or in the body of the post for prompts containing sexual assault, self-harm, eating disorders, and abuse. Other warnings (forced pregnancy, major character death, etc.) suggested but not mandatory.

No kink-shaming, no character-bashing, no embeds.

Posting anon is fun, but not mandatory.

Fills can be in any medium -- fic, fanart, a song or a vid, etc. Feel free to post anonymously or under your username.

No cast RPF prompts this round, please.

Filled Prompts || Page-A-Mod Post || Discussion Post

Be good to each other, have fun and write good porn!

Fills Post
Post links to filled prompts here! (If you're linking to another installment of a fill in progress, link back to the earlier installments in your new comment.)

Prompt: Text Of Prompt (complete/WIP)
Fill: Title Of Fill

Page-A-Mod Post
If you have any questions, comments, requests, or problems on the meme, please post them here. This means posts that aren't warned for properly, fill questions, reporting wank on the meme/trolls in the dungeon, when the next installment will be up, etc.

As of now only one mod is on duty, but I'll try to respond to all issues as soon as possible.


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